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510 Wax Pen Cartridge - The Silencer
510 Wax Pen Cartridge - The Silencer
510 Wax Pen Cartridge - The Silencer

510 Wax Pen Cartridge - The Silencer

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510 Thread Wax Vape Cartridge

Designed to be the best wax adapter for small applications (510 thread stick batteries), this little assassin of a wax tank moves in silence and has the same effect on the competition. Many people want small and stealth wax units that look like a standard vape pen setup or a wax application with a concealer to be discrete, but they cannot do so because the performance, flavor, Intensity, fill capacity, and functionality are just not there. Well, the Silencer is the answer to that problem because it is a small concealable tank that works with smaller 510 batteries and concealers but is engineered with the quality and performance of a bigger wax / Dab tank. 

Silencer Slim Dab Cartridge Highlights: 

- Best performing wax tank for vape pen batteries
- 510 Thread Cartridge
- Rapid heat uptime
- Great flavor and Monster Hits
- Ceramic Bowl
- The single powerful heating coil
(heating rod composed of Silicon Carbide)
- Stainless-steel cylindrical body
- Ultra-Low Resistance 1.10 Ohms
- Iron, Chromium, & Aluminum blended Heater wire

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