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About Us

As an owner-operated business, we know what the consumer wants, and we know exactly what gets 2PuffsUp.
The Facts
We have decades of experience in the industry.
We pride ourselves in doing ample research into each of our products.
Each product is extensively tested before receiving our 2PuffsUp approval.
We supply the best accessories possible.
We undoubtedly know heaps about Herb and how it’s properly consumed.
We offer great prices, great products and great customer service.
The Story
Daryl founded because he was tired of seeing people wasting their money on crappy Herb hardware and accessories that don’t last. He uses his extensive knowledge of Herb and Vape to find the best high-quality,electronic Herb hardware for aromatherapy, medical and recreational purposes. 2PuffsUp collaborates and works with some of the most recognized vaping brands in the industry, including DazzLeaf, Rokin, HappyKit, HoneyStick, Mig Vapor and DazzVape to name a few. He is so confident in all of the products on this site that he doesn’t just give them 2 thumbs up, he gives them 2PuffsUp.

The Bottom Line.
If it’s not good, you won’t find it here.