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$100 Grinder
$100 Grinder
$100 Grinder
$100 Grinder
$100 Grinder

$100 Grinder

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Looking for a grinder that gets the job done right? One that you don't have to fuss with to get to work correctly or worry if it will be just as good months or years down the line? Well, here at 2PuffsUp we have tested and tried many grinders for years. And Oh!, how we have wanted to find a grinder that just works with no hassle. A grinder that’s truly efficient, consistent, faithful, and reliable. We’re glad to say we have found the last grinder you will ever need! The $100 Grinder is your forever grinder!
Our 4 Piece grinders are engineered with blades that will never dull and will provide the most ideal grind/cut for your purpose anytime, never mashing your product into dust. Our grinders are made from top of the line aerospace-grade aluminum ensuring that all parts of these grinders withstand wear-and-tear.
Our 2PuffsUp grinders are Proudly Made In The USA.
We are so confident with our grinders that we give them not only our 2PuffsUp stamp of approval but also a lifetime warranty.
This will be the last grinder you will need to buy!
We've called it the $100 Grinder because every time you use it, you feel like "Wow I finally found my forever grinder", It's top of the line, made in the USA, at a great price, and with a lifetime warranty, even if you paid $100 you'd still be satisfied.
Our grinders come in three great sizes: Compact, Daily, $100
Compact (Small): 2.15” tall and 1.85” wide
Daily (Medium): 2.25” tall and 2.35” wide
$100 (Large): 2.35" tall and 2.85" wide
Package contents:
1 x 4 Piece Grinder
1 x Kief Pick
Important Information: To ensure optimal performance take care of your grinder,  we recommend you use rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab/ball to clean the grinder. Rinse off any residual alcohol and make sure fully dry before using grinder again.
Do not use any sharp or metal objects to clean the grinder. This is not a toy the grinder teeth are sharp keep away from children.
*For warranty claims please contact us directly. All claims are handled on an individual basis*